Saturday September 17

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  |  Risk stratification in BAV aortopathy: new concepts
    Allessandro Della Corte, Simon Body
  Genotype-based risk stratification of BAV disease: dream or reality? Simon Body PDF Presentation
 08.40  Implementing phenotype-based risk stratification of BAV aortopathy in surgical practice, Evaldas Girdauskas PDF Presentation
 08.50  Structural finite element modelling of the bicuspid root to understand disease progression, Emiliano Votta PDF Presentation
 09.00  Functional imaging of the BAV aorta to predict aortopathy progression, Malenka Bissell
 09.10  Identifying circulating biomarkers of BAV aortopathy risk, Alessandro Della Cort PDF Presentation
 09.20  How to integrate imaging and biochemistry into risk stratification of bicuspid aortopathy, David Guzzardi PDF Presentation
 09.30  Questions to experts and discussion
    Short communications from selected papers
 09.35   • Aortopathy in patients with a bicuspid aortic valve: a process beyond normal ardiovascular ageing,
Nimrat Grewal
 09.40   • The role of hemodynamics and shear stress on the ascending aortic wall in atients with a bicuspid aortic valve, Nimrat Grewal
  Coffee break
   |  Ascending aorta
    John Elefteriades, Jean-Olivier Defraigne
  The pathology of thoracic aortic aneurysm, Per Eriksson
 10.25  Twenty-five year outcome of composite graft aortic root replacement: near “curative” impact on aortic root disease, John Elefteriades PDF Presentation
 10.35  Is there really research-based evidence for a guideline dimension for ascending aortic aneurysm repair?
Simon Body
PDF Presentation
 10.45  How to classify the dilatations of the ascending aorta? Alessandro Della Corte PDF Presentation
 10.55  Modeling of predissection aortic size in acute type A dissection: more than 90% fail to meet the guidelines for elective ascending replacement, Rita K Milewski PDF Presentation
 11.05  Management of aorto-ventricular tunnels: a rare cause (disregarded) of the heart failure in occidental countries. Single center experiences in HCMC,Vietnam, Dung Le Huu, Natzi Sakalihasan PDF Presentation
 11.15  Questions to experts and discussion
 11.30  Industry sponsored symposium (view here)
 12.30  Lunch break
 |  Aortic arch
    Firas Mussa, Jan Brunkwall
 13.30  Supraaortic debranching and TEVAR for arch aneurysms – is it a valid alternative for open surgery? (Single center series on › 50 pts), Hans-Henning Eckstein PDF Presentation
 13.40  Branched endograft vs. chimney techniques for treating complex arch lesions. 
    Which is best, when and why, Firas Mussa PDF Presentation
 13.50  Update on total arch endovascular repair, Rachel Clough
 14.00  Various cardiac access routes to treat ascending aortic and arch lesions: advantages and limitations, Firas Mussa PDF Presentation
 14.10  Does the bovine arch have any influence on the outcome of arch stentgrafting in dissections? Jan Brunkwall PDF Presentation
 14.20  Distal aortic reintervention after surgery for acute DeBakey type I or II aortic dissection: open vs. endovascular repair, Rita K. Milewski PDF Presentation
 14.30  Keynote lecture. Hybrid stent-grafts: fac totum of open surgery of the aortic arch? Fabien Koskas PDF Presentation
 14.40  Discussion
    Short communications from selected papers
 14.50  • Deep hypothermia with retrograde cerebral perfusion – as method of brain rotections in ascending aorta and arch aneurysms surgery, Vitalii Kravchenko
 14.55  • Aneurysm at the site of repair of coarctation of aorta: frequency, methods of treatment, results,
Vitalii Kravchenko
  |  Aortic valves
    Marc Radermecker, Victor Legrand
 15.00  TAVI indications, Luc Piérard PDF Presentation
 15.10  New imaging modalities for assessment of TAVI procedure and results, Helena Dulgheru PDF Presentation
 15.20  Critical analysis of recent registries and randomized trials, Victor Legrand PDF Presentation
 15.30  Choice of the best transcatheter site for implantation, Marc Radermecker PDF Presentation PDF Presentation
 15.40  Off label indications: where are we? Thomas Modine 
 15.50   Antithrombotic treatment: DAPT or OAC? Pascal Vranckx PDF Presentation
 16.00  Rapid deployment aortic bioprosthesis in patients with small aortic annulus, Frédéric Collart PDF Presentation
 16.10  Valve fair: review of actual and future devices, Peter Frambach PDF Presentation
 16.20  New insight of percutaneous native aortic valve resection prior to TAVI, Parla Astarci
 16.30  Sutureless aortic valve replacement: worldwide experience, Bart Meuris PDF Presentation
 16.40  Case report and discussion : Valve thrombosis after transcatheter aortic valve implantation, Rodolphe Durieux PDF Presentation
 16.50  Discussion
 17.00  Closing remarks & Awards ceremony
 17.30  Adjournment